24 thoughts on “Zulu Nylon Gear Survival Kit Pouch”

  1. Hey everyone, the best ideas that ive had was by following the Survivor Crusher System
    (i found it on google) definately the most incredible preppers i've tried.

  2. Okay. I've only seen one of your videos: "Survival Kit in a Can: Omega 3-day supply" and I like how you present your videos. You do well with commentary and presentation. I'm incredibly difficult to convince when it comes to requisitions and recommendations. But, you Sir, have just gained a subscriber.

  3. you missed so many points.. usually i like your reviews but this one was not one of the better.

    1. glaring.. What is the material?
    2. your AUDIO is ALWAYS OFF? (makes me think you don't care). FIX IT.
    3. bungle material on the front??? what kind? neoprene? that what it looks like…

    Come on. Please do a better job, I like this channel mostly.

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