I made this video as more of an update to my “Bug Out Bag” video than anything else. If your wondering how the shotgun mounts to the molly bag, it goes between the bag and the frame, there is a little shelf that it can lay in, all i have to do it tie it down. The total weight of the B.O.B is no more than 30lbs. Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment, and lease dont forget to rate and comment. take it easy


46 thoughts on “Zombie Survival Kit”

  1. You've got your bases covered. However, I'd stick to one long gun and one side arm. All that gear is probably gonna be around 50 lbs or so depending on how much ammo you take and the stuff you're wearing. My Alice pack is set up for wood craft and I can easily stay 2 to 4 days in the woods with my gear alone, but that also makes my pack heavy, around 47lbs or so. That's including all my tools, food, and some water. This does not include guns and ammo. Add my AR pistol and 10 loaded magazines, that's another 25-30 lbs. That's around 70-80lbs with all my gear plus what I'm wearing. That's a lot of gear to carry and makes one slow. Better off having a plan and some caches along the way if there is some reason one really needs to bug out.

  2. I would carry a 1903 Springfield for sniping zombies, a Mossberg 500 for close range zombies, a baseball bat for close quarters, and a 5 inch Winchester sheath knife for when shit hits the fan.

  3. Why go out into danger when you have all 3; food, water, and shelter during a Zombie Apocalypse? I never got that. I'd stock pile on weapons and food and other necessities for years and then just chill at my house when everything goes down.

  4. 1) You need more mags, at least 6 for each rifle and 4 for your sidearm. 2) You're carrying 1 rifle too many, stash the one you're not carrying, give your partner the shotgun. 3) It's anΒ Alice Pack, not a MOLLE bag. 4) You're packing way too much stuff…..I hope you've evolved

  5. More mags for the firearms, a dump pouch to carry spent mags (for reloading them when you have a chance), MREs, water purification tablets, camp stove and sterno, military mess kit. A camel back is more expensive than a water bottle but it can fit on your back and carries more water, or at least a military canteen (metal) with metal stand and cup (you can heat water in it), lighters (at least 2 + a tube of waterproof matches), spare pair of socks and boxers, a wrist compass, multi tool, There's more I would add but that's pretty basic stuff. The military items can be purchased cheaply at mil-surp places. Oh yeah, and pharmaceuticals like real (opioid) pain meds like Roxicodone, Percocet, etc…… (even leftover prescriptions of yours or your friends and family, some tranquilizers such as Xanax, Valium etc……, your nerves will thank you, hammok (they can be folded neatly and things on the ground won't be able to get to you) or a ground cover and combo poncho and shelter half.

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