Winter Truck Gear – Emergency Car Gear (snow / cold specific) – Tacoma Survival Gear

Emergency winter gear for people that have to deal with snow and ice like I do. In this video we just take a look at the survival gear that I keep in my Tacoma – much of it is gear that I hope you don’t have to use – but it’s all stuff that you should definitely keep with you in the winter. This gear will help you either get to where you need to be, or survive in your car if you absolulutely cannot make it to your destination. Now I know much of the U.S. (and the world) doesn’t have extreme winters like I have here in Colorado – but also there are a lot of places that have worse winters than I do!

DiamondBack Truck Covers –

Items in this video:
Jacket I was wearing –
Plano Tub –
Balaclava –
Boot Ice Spikes –
Wool Blanket –
Tarp –
Ice Melt (pet friendly) –
Tire Chains (cam style) –
Mechanix Cold Weather Gloves –
Keen Boot –
Wool socks –

Cooper Discoverer M+S –

Tow Strap –
D-Ring –
Hand warmers (i like these, because they are bigger, warmer, and last longer) –
Orange reflective vest –

Pop & Lock – (this one fits 2016+ tacoma)
SOG Prophet 33 Pack –
Mini stove / fire starter –
Shovel –
RotoPax –
Yellow Pry/Wrecking bar –
Fiskars Axe –
Folding bolt cutters –

Jump starter / compressor –
Flashing LED Flare –
ACU Jacket – military surplus store
Snow Pants –

Floor Mats –

Music – dizzy by Joakim Karud
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20 thoughts on “Winter Truck Gear – Emergency Car Gear (snow / cold specific) – Tacoma Survival Gear

  1. What do you think about an extra charging device? A phone booster?

    As someone whoโ€™s been through a tornado and major winter storms, make sure that you add a cell phone signal booster to your kit. Iโ€™ve found one for $200 โ€“ a decent one โ€“ at

  2. Good info, especially pointing out the rubber compound difference in winter tires vs other tires! We don't like nearly as high as you do here in Colorado but I like to keep a lot of this gear on hand since I like to get off into the mountains when I can. Also like the AR, probably don't need it stuck in a snow bank some where but as the old saying goes, rather have it and not need it…

  3. I'm so jealous of where you live. I live in the central california valley. This region hasn't seen snow since the 90's. Cant wait until I graduate college and finally have enough money to move out of here. Probably headed to colorado.

  4. Good video. I really like those round magnetic lights. I am going to get some of those for sure. I'm thinking 4 of those on your truck if your pulled over would be great to let people see you and slow down in time. The worst part is if your pulled over and night and making sure people see you in plenty of time so they don't hit you.

  5. How are those tires with slush? I have the Blizzak WS80 on my Crosstrek, and while it is great in packed snow and all sorts of ice, they will easily slide in slushy conditions. Those tires look like they may evacuate/disperse out the slush easily.

  6. Us Tacoma drivers know we actually don't need these "incase" kits cause these trucks just don't break down. But just in case we see a GM on the side of the road it's always good to lend a helping hand

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