Winter Months Survival Travel Gear

Sensible Prepper Presents: Winter Survival Travel Gear. A checklist of usual feeling Items to have in your car throughout the cool wintertime months.

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Emergency Situation Tarp Video:

SOL Escape Biviy Review:

Fire Kit Video:

Cotton Ball Fire Starter:

Auto Survival Kit:

Flashlight Source: Going Gear Website:
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Tarpaulin/ Space Blanket
Ice Scraper
Woollen Cap
Protected Socks
Handwear covers
Sunlight glasses
Hand warmers
Fire Kit
Cotton Balls & Vaseline (Fire Tender).
Flashlight w/ added Batteries.
Glow or flare Sticks.
Flare Gun w/flares.
Shovel (Mil-Issue).

Many thanks for enjoying ~ Sootch00.