Wild Edible Plants Pine Nuts

In this educational video I discuss the edible, medicinal, and native uses of the pine tree. A pine tree has allot to offer in a survival situation – food, shelter, glue, fire fuel, and more. Plus I have a little snack in the video. Ejoy


19 thoughts on “Wild Edible Plants Pine Nuts

  1. One of the most nutritious parts of the pine tree you missed….the green inner bark of the branches….shave off the brown outter bark of the pine branches to expose the green inner bark. Shave this off and it can be eaten raw.

  2. I'm sorry to bother you, as you have probably answered this, but i am new to this video and even this concept. The nuts look darkish?  is that so? and if so why do they look light beige or white in the stores? Thanks for your help

  3. Mind you we are part of the environment, corporations hide some small places out in bum fk no where, and tap thousands of tree's, for different purposes, then we buy it in the store.
    So while I like your educating attitude, I dislike the detour from actually surviving… So we have to survive on whom is already doing this, with what ever additive's they choose to add, good, bad or otherwise… +They profit. #Dependence

  4. We call them "pinons" here in New Mexico. The nuts are actually worth a bit too.. (roughly $10-20 per pound)…

    The best way to release the nuts is through low heat curing. Another more cruel way they harvest them is to raid rodent dens who collect them for the winter

  5. Don't you have to shell the tiny little pine nuts before you consume them? Also not to sounds negative, but arent most pine nuts too small to be worth harvesting? I would honestly like to find a pine tree here in Eastern Ontario Canada that produces seeds large enough to harvest, but I dont recall finding any though there are tonnes where I live. Maybe I am barking up the wrong varieties? Wish there was a map guide for locating the large nut trees. IF you know about this please share. Thanks!

  6. lol this sucks. i was looking for collecting pine nuts in the search. What do i find your vid listed, i had thought i had watched all your vids guess i have go over them again. nice vids

  7. you forgot pine pollen 🙂
    good video , thnx but…
    not in agreement with the statement about not using the environment unless you are in a survival situation. we ARE currently in a survival situation. we are repeatedly poisoning ourselves with packaged crap fed to us by big business. the environment is how we got here and if we dont get back to it we will be sorry. something to think about… we are rewarding giant corporations with our money that are constantly damaging the environment so if people think they are saving the environment by not using it for themselves they are sadly mistaken.

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