Warframe: Top 10 Primary Weapons of Warframe

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Top 10 Sidearms:

MY Top 10 Primary Weapons in Warframe.


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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world.


20 thoughts on “Warframe: Top 10 Primary Weapons of Warframe

  1. @TP

    I prefer the Corinth over Arca Plasmor, not just because it hits harder but i already carry a Catchmoon Kitgun which works better than the Arca Plasmor.

    As for Dread Vs Rakta Cernos, i prefer the Rakta Cernos, its just overall better, the projectile is faster and goes further, fires/charges faster and has the syndicate effect. But, as a Bow weapon i have been preferring to use the Attica, eagerly hoping for Attica Prime. <3

  2. Soma prime is still awesome. Baza being silent is cool And Supra vandal aka minigun can be fun too. But I don't use anything more these days than Tigris prime for index, amprex for survival and tiberon for boss fights/longer range missions

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