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23 thoughts on “WALMART UST Survival Kit”

  1. A lot of the stuff UST makes ends up laughable. If you put their medical kit, their survival kit, and fire kit together then you could make a survival kit just is without a blade.

  2. Collect water in the plastic bag and use the towel as a filter… stuff a mini Bic in and you got fire boil the water in the bag and good to go, shelter you have the blanket and also build up something from sticks and leaves. Use the container it all came in for water….

  3. I've seen that kit and it baffled me, too. Looking at the price I suppose it's not a terrible deal. The case looks like a rebranded Witz, that's worth a few bucks. The compass is $.50- $1.00. The chem-light is worth a buck or a bit less. The blanket, let's be charitable and say a buck. So if it cost you a fiver I guess that's not bad. But as you say, what a weird list of random items! If I get lost in the woods and have to spend a night out what am I supposed to do with the towel? The light stick isn't worthless but it's not going to help me stay warm or hydrated. As you say, I'd expect some means of making fire at least.

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