Under $20 Wal-Mart Survival Kit, Equip 2 Endure

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Robert Oliver and I were talking about building a cheap Wal-Mart survival kit one night and while he was visiting we decided to take trip and make it happen for under $20. The great thing about a kit like this is for it to used it in a training scenario so you can test your skills to critically think through the problem and do as much as you can with a little amount. We later used the contents of this kit during a Basic Survival Class we taught to a group of Navy Personnel. The challenge was a group activity to make a survival camp with only the supplies given.That video will be up on the E2E Member’s Area soon.
– Adam
Equip 2 Endure
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45 thoughts on “Under $20 Wal-Mart Survival Kit, Equip 2 Endure

  1. Every time I watch a prepper or survivalist mention Ramen noodles, I immediately know you don't know shit about prepping.

    You'd get more nutrition from biting your fingernails.

  2. I used to have top ramen in my bug out bag/survival kit, but then this past February (a week before my birthday of all times) the doctors diagnosed me with Celiac/Gluten allergy, so I had to cut all the gluten stuff out of my bag, biut they do have gluten free noodles, as well as gluten free pasta that I have been able to get for my survival bag.

  3. Most of that stuff can be got at a thrift store a lot cheaper or a yard sale.I even got some stuff at our local  county trash site in the steel ben, I got a tail gate grill, pressure pot(without lid), dog bowl not used.Try some of those places first.

  4. Come On guys you should have spent $100 and got like real stuff. I bought a bunch of survival stuff on ebay and got some real great stuff at wal-mart like a mess kit and machete…happy surviving! lmafo.

  5. If Wal-Mart is the only place you can go in an emergency to put together a survival kit, be sure to check out the crafts section (bundles of paracord, plastic-coated woven metal wire for beading, spools of nylon cording for crochet and assorted cotton and acrylic yarns) also check out the home decor section for votive candles,  religious candles in those tall glass containers, oil lamps and plastic bottles of lamp oil).

  6. I'm not sure about just getting stuff in one store but I agree with the basic premise, you don't always have to buy top dollar to get something that does the job. My Stainless steel water bottle cost about the same and it's been going strong for three years, I got my anodised aluminium billy pot from Wally World with a frying pan for £5 ($8) and its great except the handles but they can be replaced with metal coat hangars when needs be. If you use your common sense you can spend less money on some gear where you can get away with it then use that money in areas where you are better off spending it like backpacks/rucksacks, water proofs, boots and a good knife (that doesn't always mean expensive). Thanks for the vid!!

  7. I simply don't understand the concept behind shopping at a single store for survival gear – videos on this website showing Wal-Mart survival kits, Home Depot survival kits, Harbor Freight survival kits, Dollar Store survival kits, and so on. It's silly. When it comes to gear for my survival, I'm certainly not going to limit myself to shopping at just one store, nor accept the compromises those in these videos routinely make.

  8. Why the facination with $20 and wslmart. Start a home. In your car most people will have this laying around . Not sure the point of this video. Random items for $20. Non of which will really keep you alive .
    Better off buying $20 of clearance item and resell them and go back and keep doing the same until you can buy useful gear

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