The Uncharted Supply Co The Seventy2 Survival Kit Unboxing

The Uncharted Supply Co Seventy2 is a critically acclaimed survival kit / bug out bag / emergency preparedness kit that has gained popularity around the world. Here, Mike Escamilla and Christian Schauf, two of the company founders, and designers of the kit, take you through the bag, insert and all of the quality survival products included.

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37 thoughts on “The Uncharted Supply Co The Seventy2 Survival Kit Unboxing

  1. I love your company. I love your whole goal and totally agree with your views on present day remade survival kit. I think what you guys are doing is a great step forward. I am looking at getting this pack. If I do decide to get it I'm planning on doing a review on my channel. (: (: (: (:

  2. Since you can't ship Bic-style lighters due to the fuel, might I suggest a plasma arc lighter instead? runs on a rechargeable battery, and with your dynamo charger, is essentially unlimited fire.

    Overall, it looks like a really good kit, one of the best in the market. A few negatives I'm seeing though. Very limited wood processing. Sure, you can make feather sticks and the like with that knife, and it's already a major step forward over not having anything, but I still think you should include a folding saw. I would also like to see a bigger shovel, such as a GI E-Tool. The next issue I have is the water bottle not being stainless steel. If you've got a stainless steel water bottle you've got a way to sterilize water and your tools, like the knife if it is needed. The final issue I have is that there is no way to cook any food you acquire from the field, which means that it's all going to be roasted. What food you do gather will last longer and be more filling if you can make a soup or stew from it, which means that at the very least, you need a cup to go with that water bottle.

  3. It would be nice if the outer backpack could be attached to the outside of the inner one for carrying more stuff like clothes, sleeping bag, etc. Maybe grommets so it could be laced onto the other one? Thanks

  4. Survivalist have most of that stuff, and campers dont go out with a haversack hand chosen by someone else. Its a bit like having a shirt with "chest" and "back" written on it. Too regimented, though full of some good sound gear. Recesion adds to the problem of people wanting to save on price. I am not sure even the designer would want this bag of gear as it is exactly. Its hard to do this, even a grab bag tin, to throw in a haversack is hard to design because people have most of the essentials.

  5. Uncharted Supply excellent product and im notsaying any thing bad about it but it would be awesome if the outer bag was made with a kevlar material to deture thieves from stealing. In parts of Europe people would cut into your bag when its on your back without you even knowing. i guess you could put it in a separate kevlar bag to prevent this problem. It looks like theres extra room to add a few things. I do alot of backpacking all over the world and this
    would be an excellent survival bag.Please message me back the details on how and where to purchase your product. I live in Alberta Canada do you have any outdoor companies up here i can deal with Thank You.

  6. One request on updated seventy2s, I would change the loops on the out side of the pack from going horizontal to vertical. It would be a small change but it would help out a lot with carrying hatchets and other items like that. This would be great even though I could just attach a hatchet, knife, or other item with a carabiner. Just some thoughts!!!

  7. Ever consider making specialty environment ones ( desert,jungle, cold) or specialty disaster ones? I'm willing to help. Also awesome video, very thorough, and humorous ( keeps others interested), very rare to find a contents video like this on anything

  8. Of course my review was rejected because it was not 5 stars. Total BS. Here's my review.
    Just got out 72 this week. As a ultralight backpacker and more than 40 years of my life in the outdoors I'd say this kit is good for people with no experience putting gear together. Buy it and forget it. It is great for that. I was really disappointed in the quality. Some items are top shelf and some are cheap items that will not serve you well in an emergency. The flashlight is crap, the multi-tool is a cheap China rip off, the gloves are terrible. The radio is also a cheap rip off item. The entire kit is way to heavy. But…. the bag is good, there are some top quality components and it is better than nothing. It's one of the most comprehensive kits out there and will serve you well for it's intended purposes. Throw it in your car, SUV or truck or leave it in your office or home. Everyone should have something like this and this kit does make it easy and most items will be OK for 72 hours. If you have experience like I do you will be very disappointed. I almost just bought the bag and insert but I got mine on sale so I'm OK with it. I've already gotten rid of the cheap items and replaced them with gear I'd actually count on. Personally I would not purchase this again. Part of me would like to return it. I think I'll just put it in my wife car. If you are new to this, this is perfect for you. Something is better than nothing and like I said, this is probably the best commercial 72 hr. kit made if you can't make your own. The bag and insert are super handy as is th large Nalgene bottle. Whatever you do, please be prepared:-)

  9. Pricey but makes it so simple if you have no clue on survival… just buy this and be done. I'd replace several products with higher quality… but this is th best on then market if you don;t have the time or skill to build your own. I love the bag and insert and will buy those times only… I have everything else already in my kits…. but… this is crab and go for sure… thanks guys… well done:-)

  10. You really should include a tunicate, powder to stop bleeding and gauze and self stick over pad, to stuff a puncture wound, bullet wounds, gashes, slashes etc.., when your going hard thru the woods or jagged surfaces in both wooded or urban areas. It could be in a little easy access case opposite the flash light, on the other should der strap, in case you need it fast and your not in a situation to be able to undo your whole bag. Most combat med outfits have these and they are used a lot.

  11. dang i hope this thing takes off a lot of people could make use of this especially in the world we live right now do you guys plan on reducing price in future for low income families because families like mine cant even afford one of these

  12. on shovel/pick axe… i've been out 'in the woods' and my shovel/pick axe gave out in a couple of hours…
    I would therefore suggest, either you supply a GREAT quality one or at least show that the one you have is NOT the kind that breaks 'easily' [hey, i did put mine through the wringer]

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