The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

Top 10 Tech Life Hacks! (2017):
THREE Gadgets For Life? – AskUAC:

Ever come across a “tech emergency?” This survival kit should help with that!

Find everything here:
BAGMSMART Travel Case –
Chafon 6 in 1 Multi USB –
Alternative to Smilism Cable –
G-Cord In-Ear Buds –
Headphone Splitter –
Kuro Toga Mechanical Pencil –
Anker Ultra Slim 4-Port USB HUB –
Micro SD Card Adapter –
Kingston USB Type C Drive –
AUKEY USB-C Adapter –
Spudz MicroFiber Cloth –
Belkin Surge Protector –
Sandisk 128GB SD Card –
1byone 2-Port Portable Charger –
DragonBall Z T-Shirt –

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49 thoughts on “The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

  1. What are surviving from there a plug in room to charge your phone. I can't make fire or drinking water or keep you warm. Surviving 2 or 3 hours after your phone dies so I just need a power bank and can't. Charge it when power bank dead in a power outage.

  2. this is al cool and all but i want something that can hold a rasperry pi, hdmi cabel, network cable, and this shown in this vid. if you wanna know why i want all that stuff with me then let me explain, on my school we have tech support but they suck at their jobs, so everyone just come to me and i do always have an hdmi cable with me (and my teachers needed it more then once) so yeah thats why

  3. And that Belkin surge protector IIRC can only supply 2A across both ports, may not even have proper modern coding/IC for faster-ish charging, so whatever you plug in will probably charge very slowly

  4. What I especially enjoy about your kits, more than your commitment to constant improvement, is that you have consistently added capabilities that can be shared with others; I like that you have injected a "help yourself, help others" mind set. Keep up the great work.

  5. This is the second video to mention the Chafon cable. But nobody mentioned the speed of the cable. A simple USB current meter should fix that. They start at about a dollar. So, check it?

  6. This video is an obvious rip off from Jared Busch's 'Gadgets Go Bag' video from 2016… He even "borrowed" Jared's 'did you see what I did there?' phrase… How about coming up with your own material next time.

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