'Survival of N. Korea regime depends on nuclear weapons'

The UN Security Council has issued a stern rebuke to North Korea over its third nuclear test – as it held an emergency meeting in response to the test, which was in defiance of international regulations. The organisation says it plans to beef-up the sanctions already in place for the country’s previous atomic exercises.

China was among those who criticised North Korea’s nuclear test. However, war correspondent and columnist Eric Margolis thinks the relations between the two allies are unlikely to sour.

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25 thoughts on “'Survival of N. Korea regime depends on nuclear weapons'

  1. Seems like world balance of power. The most extreme evil sides of both capitalism and communism building up each other to bring about the total destruction of humanity. The solution is simple. Fix the problems that cause the evil on both sides. The evil will then vanish and we can all live in paradise. It's all about internal national economics and extending access rights to prosperity to every single human being.

  2. Most of U.S. congress is white. If you are going to bad-talk America, at least use accurate information. But I must admit, this country is stupid as shit (with the exception of the very few smart people).

  3. If you want more insight into North Koreas decisions then i reccommend this article globalresearch.ca/does-north-korea-need-nuclear-weapons/5323227 One of the most interesting pieces ive read this year, be prepared to be surprised once again and have your understanding of North Korea challenged. All thanks to hollywood and the control of the media you see every day, i think many of us have been deceived. Thankfully though we have the internet.

  4. Over a year ago i read about food protests in North Korea, in the streets as years ago this would not even be possible as people would have turned and told on each other, being "good social patriots". They even smuggle in various itmes from the west there now. I think its safe to say now that even the average Joe in North Korea is getting fed up with this regimes bullshit. Living without food or power long enough will test even the most brainwashed's loyalty.

  5. for info on s/america ,u could watch ,the war on democracy ,by john pilger ,its here on yt ,its not anyones fault in the usa they arnt told anything critical of their own govt ,same here ,we are like rhubarb ,kept in the dark and fed shit [pardon my french ].

  6. the ww2 was a failure of a meaning resolution of ww1 and hitler was bankrolled by international bankers many from the good old usa, prescott bush the nazi collaberator being one ,mao was also put in by the usa against changkaishek nationalists ,oh and stalin was put in in russia by the same bankers sent through german lines from paris with bullion ,trotsky from canada stopped at canadian immigration told by usa to let him go on to the ussr [as it was to be then called]

  7. Most aggressive? um cia involvements in south america did not lead to millions of death, one invasion of Grenada, japan started the war with us, hitler started ww2. We are actually responsible compared to hitler,stalin,mao,imperial Japanese aggression.

  8. Because the US is in a jam, North Korea has China as an ally, And even though China doesn't support Kim Jong's nuclear testing, There is still a very good chance that China would support them in a war with the US, Which means Russia would back up China. It's hard to say whether or not China would support them in a full on war though, China's patience are running very thin with North Korea because of their missile tests.

  9. I dont think America is afraid to attack the DPRK (North Korea) because of its capability to launch nukes, I think it has more to do with what China's response would be to the attack, and if China and the US ever had a problem that would result in a conflict, Russia would be the first to back them up. It's a pretty fucked up situation.

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