Survival Kit For Your Home

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49 thoughts on “Survival Kit For Your Home

  1. I have most of those items at home, but don't have the the radiation detection device, and a few other items. We lost our electricity often so we need radios, televisions, flashlights and generators for emergency situations. Everything works except for the generators which need maintenance. I keep flashlights in each vehicle, and in the home as well. I have food supplies to last for months in the home and have plenty of steel and cast iron cookware to cook it in. Since I live in a rural area I also have plenty of fruits and nuts growing up to eat.

  2. Good video. I started thinking about survival situations after the whole grid went down in a large part of North America in 2003. It's a whole different situation when the whole city and region is without power. I lost my water, too. If that had been the case for a more extended period of time things would have gotten pretty scary. Then some years later a relative was in a hurricane and feared looters. Which brings me to one thing I'd add. Some sort of home defense weapon, like a shotgun. You definitely want that if things get anarchic and desperate.

  3. hi guys, the greatest success that ive ever had was by using the Marla Survive System
    (i found it on google) without a doubt the most incredible survival i've tried.

  4. Great video, i have all items you talk about but 3 weeks of food, that's a lot! I only have food and water for a week :/ I also want to get some iodine pills for nuclear disasters. Also will get some sort of mask.

  5. How did you determine that 20W was a good size for your solar panel and would you consider a smaller panel for greater portability in a different kit?

  6. how dos that gas mask work with glasses dont you have to take one of to put the other on?(i wear glasses my self so thats why i ask)

  7. I want to buy stuff from the Lilly store, but bracing myself for what the shipping costs from Austria would be 😲 I love the gas mask and Geiger counter. Whew , Lilly , pitch that awful watch 😂😂😂

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