Survival Gear you need in your cargo box / toolbox | Part 2 | Tactical Rifleman

There are many elements to surviving in potentially deadly or hazardous situations. For this video we worked with Randy “Rawhide” Wurst, from Wurst Case scenario survival school. Randy is one of four guys who wrote the classified survival manual for SOCOM.

Part 2 covers your truck bed storage / toolboxes. They are the new Pack horses: Gives you more room for more elaborate and heavier gear. Tents, collapsible wood stoves, full size axes and saws, a lot of food.

In all these videos one of the important concepts I want to convey is layering of your survival gear. I will break it down to the layers according to “Randy’s world.” A short explanation is needed here. Primitive skills are great and one needs to know them and get proficient with those skill sets; but just having said that, we live in the 21st century, and if you can’t see the value of 21st tool/ equipment you should be using, you should be eliminated from the gene pool. “Just Saying”.

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50 thoughts on “Survival Gear you need in your cargo box / toolbox | Part 2 | Tactical Rifleman

  1. No compass,gps,tire plug kit,backup power bank for cell phone,radios,jerry cans of fuel,car battery charger,no quality lights/batteries,junk firearms,no handgun which a concealable firearm is more desirable in some situations.a g19 with light and extra g18 mags (loaded) is much better than the kel tec 22mag.most of your items aren’t emergency at all.its more of homestead type tools.most of that crap you can leave at ur house in packs and grab when you need don’t need 28 axes and 38 cheap handsaws and 94 hand files lmao unless your emergency is that you need to build furniture.get a leatherman,1 hatchet or just a quality bushcraft knife to replace all that stuff.this was really funny to watch.the other guy had a look on his face like “what did I get myself into” 😆

  2. This guy looks like he just set up his own yard sale in the back of his truck.thats wayyyy too much stuff to be he looks very inexperienced by the way he handles the items and I see a lot of cheap junk.aside from that,all that junk and you’re missing a lot of regular items that the majority of us consider a emergency kit.a simple leatherman could replace half that do you have a set of full size files and not a compass lmao buy less and get Higher quality.a dodge dakota and kel tec? Come on dude

  3. Nice kit it's worth keeping JB weld,radiator fluid,flares,motor oil,food,water,gas,chainsaw,playing cards,small tent,to much to name all my kit in my tool box is huge,oh and never forget old army wool blankets they work great!

  4. No extra fuel. And no cleaning kit for the weapons…. Honest opinion. That’s way to to much crap to be carrying around everyday. I like that channel. But these two vid were poorly. Done.

  5. I keep a survival trap, a military 90% wool blanket, 1 gallon of water, an axe, a cold steel special forces shovel, Hiking boots, a Streamlight PolyStinger with charging cradle, an ABC fire extinguisher, a 8,000 lb hand winch with 50 feet of 10,000 lb test strap, and a self built trama kit and a self built tool kit.

    It all fits under or behind the seat of my 2012 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab. Out of sight and out of mind.

  6. It is absolutely one of my biggest pet peeves to listen to someone talk about something acting like they have so much knowledge but consistently mispronouncing the names of shit. I see a lot of improvement that needs to be done I see a lot of tools that could be gotten rid of because they make a multi-tool that replaces four or five of these tools that he has. It would take days to find anything you're looking for through the giant pile of shit that he has. Multi-purpose is so much better I'm not even going to finish watching this video. Really thought I would see something that I had not thought of yet but apparently not.

  7. great video. Made me rethink my entire truck situation, and I watched the war belt and the bullet vest videos by the guy on the left side? and those were super great too. thanks guys, very valuable information.

  8. kinda late, but WAAAAY to many people or shitting on this video. its a very nice overview of practical equipment to manage any practical task in a backwoods environment. someone rolls a car, falls off a cliff while hiking, clearing paths, fixing minor vehicle breakdowns, getting stranded in the wood for whatever reason, he has the equipment to handle it. He's also not here to tell you what you need, because he doesn't know what you need for your environment, potential situation, etc. He's just here to give you an idea of what you might need, and what a potential use for it is.

  9. Look into the Japanese Silky saws, they are AMAZING. I just got the Big Boy XL and it's a BEAST and super light. My next tool is a Katana Boy, which is a tree slayer. I'm currently building up a classic Bronco with complete kit and a 4 x 4 trailer. I have restored a one man, 5 foot push pull saw (it can be used by two men to more effect with the moveable second handle) that will be included but the Silky saws will usually get the job done with a lot less effort. Also fire steel and a good trail knife for making feather sticks, etc

  10. I was waiting for him to pull out orange safety cones, hard hat, generator, work lights. geez! like I'm going to keep guns in my truck that's just stupid!!! a fishing pole, I'm not going fishing if I break down. I'm going to fix my truck. Tell ya what I have. AAA card, cell phone and portable cell phone charger. now real world… spare fuses, 12v test light, tire plug kit ( not fix a flat ), cigarette plug in air compressor, headlamp, tire tools/Jack. small tool kit ( Just the basics ). 3M super 33 electrical tape, tow strap, jumper cables, and depending where you live… sun hat & sunglasses, rain suit, cold weather gear. don't over complicate things people. if your in snow then a small collapsible snow shovel like youd see with snowmobiles is a good idea and of course a snow scraper. if you have questions post them that's what we're here for is to learn from others experiences. tier 1 I do enjoy your videos, so don't take it the wrong way. it's just that is off his rocker. super dave 7th sfg out!

  11. With a background as this gentleman's, he's got every scenario covered. I'd definitely like to have him driving by if I'm ever in a bind. Well done. Thank you for sharing both video, knowledge and personal load out.

  12. Very usefull equipment BUT unfortunatly i live in ARIZONA and i am hispanic and having all that junk and weapons in my vehicle it an absolute reason to get murdered by THE POLICE SPECIFICALLY MESA POLICE OFFICERS .

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