Survival Gear And Moonshine 2018

– New Survival/Outdoors Equipment Have Arrived From the Big City.
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The Survival Russia Channel is about “The Reality Of Survival”. I live on a Homestead in far away Russian wild nature. Here is no room for “TV” Survival.
Only Reality counts here. Survival Russia promotes the philosophy of always carrying equipment and never to be parted from equipment which will affect chances of Survival.
So did the old timers and pioneers of both the East and the West.
Get Out and Train and Get it Done!
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28 thoughts on “Survival Gear And Moonshine 2018

  1. I’m not fond of one man tents because of condensation issues. It has to be really buggy for me to use one. A tarp with a separate bug netting, or hammock with or without separate bug netting is a better alternative for me. I find in the winter a liter pot size is the bare minimum. Two or more liters is best for melting snow, keeping hot water readily available for drinking, etc.

  2. With all the birch around the homestead do you tap the trees  in spring and make either birch sap syrup (analogue of maple syrup) or birch sap wine? After fermentation this could also be distilled into other things/ elixrs or spirits I have tapped birch and made wine in the past which was successful.

  3. There are two items that will become currency during a real EXTENDED Apocalypse/SHTF scenario. One is alcohol, the second is cooking oil. IF you can produce both, you are going to be fine.

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