Survival Gear Additions January 2019

Adding to the survival gear stockpile:

Cold Steel
SOG Seal
Corn seed
Various snap bean seed

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9 thoughts on “Survival Gear Additions January 2019

  1. I grew the ky wonder beans summer 2018.
    They are nice thick beans but kind of tough. And you have pull the string off both sides. I have about 10 qts and a few pints left from last year. I probably won't grow them again.

  2. for 20 years I have carried the same belt knife , back when "buck" was a good knife. It's skinned deer, fixed cars, and almost anything else.. this is accompanied by a machete, that I have in my pack for the last 5 years..

  3. Mora knives are great value, I'll be picking up another laminated steel 120 (if I got the number right), it's a great small blade whittler. I bought an Enzo Trapper 115 full flat grind in 12c27 last August. Cost me 88 quid, nice knife. This year I want a Condor eco parang (they're fairly cheap but effective and well regarded) and Silky big boy saw. Take care Kev.

  4. You can’t have enough mora knives. They clip to everything. They draw from the sheath easily and smoothly but when they snap into the sheath, you know it’s secured. The grind is awesome and something that I would expect to find on a more expensive knife. The grind makes it easy to sharpen. The stainless companions that I own have held up to the saltwater extremely well. I’ve used mine to clean fish, cut up bait, baton small rounds of firewood, shuck oysters, make tomahawk handles for my Cold steel hawks, and it’s my go-to knife for wood carving. Most importantly, at $15 I wasn’t sick when one fell out of my hip wader and was lost in the Lockwoods Folly River last oyster season. Everyone of my packs have a companion. My tackle bag, my get-home bag, my bug out bag, my hiking bag, etc

  5. Hey Kevin I hadn't seen you in a while. I've been buying some stainless steel water containers for my kits recently. I done a video recently about a few of the ones I purchased. I believe for long term survivablity stainless steel water containers is essentiel.

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