SRU-16/P Parachute Survival Kit

as the title says. My camera ran out of memory at the end, but all you miss is me talking about how I would use the snare wire keeper for wire as well as fishing line.


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  1. I think the kit pieces that it can be used over again is good. A 2 5/8 inch two blade case knife is $77 on amazon and the compass is around $3 to 5 now is it worth $40? Now you can buy a better kit ? Yes But all pocket survival kits will get the average person killed they are packed full of false hope. A good kit should have a faro rod fire and tender , fixed blade ( like Cressi Skorpion knife ), SOL emergency blanket (blue or orange depends on time of year and tree colors orange is hard to pick out from a aircraft ) or like, whistle and mirror, single wall metal bottle, paracord, water if in desert, so if I’m going to a place that has no water I would have water and so on. It hard to make shelter with sand or rocks. Think about what you need for where you are going and build your own kit a learn how to use it. And you will throw that pocket survival kit away. When military personnel needs the survival kit they have their own equipment to work with it and the skills too look at their load out.

  2. The Schrade company now own the knife manufacturer that knife was made by. They also own the company which made Old Henry and Olde Timer knives also. Schrade is owned by another company which purchased the rights to reopen the company along with other companies as well.

  3. I snagged one of these when I was in the Air Force (1966-1974). The only difference that I see is mine had a small glass bottle taped to the end of the cardboard box that contained water purification tablets. Thanks for the good review.

  4. I love this kit,it was the same exact kit my dad brought home in the fiftys,I been trying to replace it since then ,if anyone no,a who makes this kit for the airforce,please let me no ,because when you find them people want a small fortune for them i rather buy it from the maker,I hope some day to replace mine

  5. Could you give me the name of the company ,you got your from ,or the company that is sending you the missing parts,this kit is almost the same kit ,my dad gave me in the 1950 ,s except they are sealed better now,if you can help me to replace this kit ,by showing me where to get it,I would be so thankful,my dad has since passed,but I would like to find a kit anyways,[email protected],if anyone can help me

  6. That kit looks so much like the one I was given in 1958,only this one was sealed better,I hope you will help me find one,to replace the the one I got from my father.and maybe I can find a better price,or not,,and no they aren't worth 40.00 ,but a I am glad you got one,and its nice they look the same.great video .

  7. Can you get these kits and how much ,my dad gave me one almost the one ,you have their ,I got mine in the 50,s ,since lost it,dad dead now ,I would like to get one if possible,or maybe you can tell me where you got that one.thanks

  8. on the steel wire, you double it over and twist it together, tightly, using a stick. Then you use that wire to make your snare. They teach you how to do that in officer training on your first simple overnight survival course.

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