Self Defense/Ground Survival/Weapons -FMS Seminar in Europe-…

FMS National Seminar in Mirandela – Portugal with Prof Pinto, Nov 2011
Readily available: DVD’s & Clothes: Pinto Blade & Impact Tactics:
Host by Sensei/Cha Me Nim Marques with his college of FMS & KRT-Shotokan, with the assistance of Shihan António Regadas KRT-Shotokan( City of Porto) as well as his pals Viet Vo Dao (City of Porto).
The assistance of Cha ME Nim Patrick Afonso (FMS BRagança) as well as the FMS Students from FMS Marinha Grande (Ricardo Oliveira & Tiago Domingues) … unique many thanks to the trainee Vasco Leonardo.
Technical program: BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, blade protection, joint locks, stress factors, sword, defenses from seated placement. www.farang-alliance.or/