PROJECT NATURA SURVIVAL – Building our BASE + Crafting WEAPONS! – Project Natura Gameplay Part 1

Welcome to PROJECT NATURA, a new survival game where we start off by BUILDING OUR BASE + crafting some AWESOME WEAPONS! The game reminds me a bit of Rust / ARK Survival Evolved, but what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! 😀 ☆ Buy Games for Cheap!:

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What is Project Natura?

Your goal is survival, your enemies? Nature, and some…

Fight against the odds, battle:

Kill boars for meat, slaughter chickens for feathers.

Stick 3 arrows in a cannibal ,loot the hideout for awesome loot.

Build a town, transform it to a city. Let there be light!

You, and you only, shall survive.


45 thoughts on “PROJECT NATURA SURVIVAL – Building our BASE + Crafting WEAPONS! – Project Natura Gameplay Part 1

  1. lmao…wow…the person behind that game there didn't change the defaults xD It's 100% from the core "Ultimate survival" asset on Unity. I am actually using that same thing as the base to build my survival game off of, but I plan to have a whole crap ton more uniqueness as everything will be tuned to Steampunk survival with rpg elements added in for those who would want to have direction.

    But yeah lol, that one there…nothing changed as of right now heh. It's sad that someone actually did that o.o

  2. it appears this dev/devs used the survival game asset on the unity store. Yes it is copying rust with the same icons and menus lol. They are not even finished developing the asset. It will later have multiplayer included so you will see even more of these games soon im sure.

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