Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Kit|Sunstone Formulas

A thorough description of Sunstone Formulas’ Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Kit! This “Nuke Kit” is included 5 items that are particularly crafted to shield the body from the damaging impacts of nuclear radiation and also to eliminate the body of nuclear impurities in case of nuclear radiation direct exposure.

If allow without treatment, nuclear radiation direct exposure as well as contamination can cause loss of hair, abnormality, loss of vision, serious disease, and also fatality. The Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Kit has every item you will certainly require to shield you as well as your liked ones from these hazardous results of nuclear poisoning.

The 5 items in the Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Kit are: Prolamine Iodine, Potassium Iodine, Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals (GSL Trace Minerals), General Body Detox & Support Tincture, as well as Utah Bentonite Clay. The set likewise consists of Kearney’s Nuclear War Survival Skills publication and also directions on just how to utilize each of these restorative items consisted of in the Nuke Kit. These wellness items and also guidelines are your finest protection versus nuclear direct exposure and also after effects.

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