My Survival Kit / Outdoor Gear (2015)

Gear List & Sources:


TOAKS 450ml –
TOAKS 600ml Pot –
15x15cm Stainless Wire Mesh –
Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets –
4x Stainless Steel Tent Pegs
Cotton Bandana
Char Tin ( .22 Air Rifle Pellet Tin)


BE-X Firesteel –
BCB Stormproof Matches –
Wilderness Solutions Amber Fire-Piston –
Fire Steel –
Pencil Sharpener
Pine Resin
Magnifying Glass


Ka-bar Becker BK-7 – (Custom work by DobermanKnives – –

First Aid Kit:

Anti-septic wipes
TCP Antiseptic Liquid
Crepe Bandages
Signal Mirror
Needle & Thread
20m of Duct Tape
Silva Field Compass –

Backpack: WiSport Sparrow 20L
Gear Cases: PVC Pencil Cases


Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and recreational camping.




20 thoughts on “My Survival Kit / Outdoor Gear (2015)

  1. Wished teachers taught physics like this. It would be much entertaining and a great learning experience anyway. Awesome video. Loved how you changed your voice a bit. Great job man. Keep going.

  2. Loved it! Especially the "Americans going through their sisters panty draw" Funny shit, sure the Americans don't find it funny but they seem to like killing humans with R/C toys, so fuck them.

  3. I do……I do go through my sisters panty drawer I take my time going through every piece of clothing because I have absolutely nothing else to do smh (for those not smart enough to tell its sarcasm)

  4. Alfie Mate, you are a knobhead. but i like your style. ive been watching this stuff for a long time and only just found you. yes ive subscribed as you make me laugh and i need that shit in my life. keep it up you muppet.????

  5. as a female, i love this!! im such a tomboy, i look at girly girls with a tilt to my head as i ask, why? thank you for the info and a good laugh 🙂 my father was born in sheffield so im used to british humour, its more fun honestly :)

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