This is my B.O.B. / Survival kit. this pack has all the items that I would need in an emergency situation such as: tornado, hurricane, flooding, earthquake, public uprising ect. I would like to thank you all for watching the video. Please go ahead and SUBSCRIBE for my videos and give it a thumbs up.


Glock 26 9mm
Spare mags
Spare Ammo
Leatherman Rebar Multitool
SOG SurvivalHawk Tomahawk
Winchester Fixed blade knife
Streamlight PolyTac
2 Headlamps
Mechanix Fast Fit Utility Gloves

Coleman 2 Person Tent
Plastic Sheeting

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
Potable Aqua Purification Tablets

Wise Company Meals
2400 Calorie Ration Bar

First Aid:
Johnson and Johnson All Purpose Kit
Rats Tourniquet

Fire Starting:
Fire Rod (inside survival hawk)
BIC Lighters

Ozark Trail Cooking Set
Camp Stove w/ Fuel Tabs

50Ft Paracord
Big and Small Garbage Bags
Big and Small Zip Ties
Coleman Button Compass/ Thermometer

Coleman Sleeping Bag 30Degree Bag

5.11 Tactical Rush 12
Oakley Extractor Sling pack (edc bag)


9 thoughts on “My Bug Out Bag Survival Gear”

  1. Thumb drive with your personal documents on it, a canteen or two to carry water and a hat to cover your head.  I'd also add some more tissue or T.P., what you have won't last more then a day or two at the most.

  2. Great start. Do you have a flash mirror, survival poncho? SOL makes some good ones. Get 1 EMT shears to add to your first aid kit, Also another small ulta lighwight pack by Homodox or whomever so if you are on the move and need to pack in some more stuff food, ammo or what ever you can fill it – it packs supper small and is only 6.8 oz It is nice to be able to fill another bag. Dont forget the IOSAT potassium Iodide Tablets. Do you have a small folding saw may a 7 or 8 inch one – they work great plus its a good weapon if needed. Just in case you get hurt you may need some crazy glue or "plastic surgery glue" and maybe some Quick Clot. If your tired and on the go you need some caffeine pills and or Ammonia Inhalants to wake you up and keep you on the go. Most all of this is on amazon. It seems you wear contacts – you need a pair of reading/seeing glasses for back up if you can not put in the contacts.
    For you tent have you tried 1x4m Bungee Round Elastic Shock Cord it is strong stretches and sometimes better than rope. In your car/truck keep a crow bar and some 18" bolt cutters – they may come in handy.
    Maybe since you are ham radio lic get a 2nd ham radio and put the 2nd radio in an EMP proof bag as back up.
    Hope that helps

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