Another challange is up and this time it’s FG vs melee weapons and a fist fight at the end.
Although it was a dangerous challange, I was able to pull it off. Enjoy..

Music details:

Tobu – Colors [NCS Release]


40 thoughts on “Meele weapons Vs Frenzied Giant – Last day on earth”

  1. Btw wut exactly was the purpose of this vid dude THIS……i mean there is nothin special in it even i can kill him like this ……man wut a waste i thought there would be some trick to it…… i forgot to tell ya somethin that it isnt impossible to kill him btw…yea

  2. On hard mode 1 FG killed me and then i go back and he killed me again, 3rd time i killed him but 1st corpse disapeared but i had there good things 3 modified glocks and 2 full M16 can i get them back?

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