Medicinal Uses For Creosote

Creosote is a common bush in the high / low desert. Native tribes used this bush for hundreds of years, to this day desert dwellers use Creosote for natural medicine. In this video I discuss the medicinal uses. Enjoy

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12 thoughts on “Medicinal Uses For Creosote

  1. Man, that stuff just stinks, though. I mean it REEKS! Maybe in the desert it's more diffused, but I got a box of creosote from TX today and when I opened the bag, Good Lord, it took my breath away. I was going to use it as a medicinal (occasional tea-it is toxic) and all, but I would sooner pop a turd in my mouth than drink this vile-smelling stuuf. I guess I shoulda known, it's Spanish name 'hediondilla' means "little stinker"!

  2. This amazing plant has even more uses that you mention here.. you can mash the leaves and use the paste as an insect repellent.. it can also be used as a smoke bath, killing the bacteria that causes body odor.. it makes a great bedding, and its the only way to whipe your ass safely out here.. I live in the Mojave, so you can trust I speak from experience 😉

  3. i saw les stroud use it for a smoke bath. if you get down to the thicker growth you can get some nice wood for knife handles. looks nice after sanding and some boiled linseed oil. thanks for the vid fun and informative as always.

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