Improvised Survival Weapons For Your Bug Out Bag – Bugging out can be a dangerous survival mission. To protect yourself and those you love, you need to be armed – always! A good survival rifle and handgun is best – but these can rendered useless.

In my interview with Kevin Reeve of OnPoint Tactical, we put together an improvised weapons tool kit to help you create your own urban survival weapons from resources around you in a collapsed environment.


19 thoughts on “Improvised Survival Weapons For Your Bug Out Bag

  1. I call BS on the PVC thing. It might be useful for something else, but not the way you did it.

    Look at the size of your target.

    First off is accuracy. You hit near the OUTSIDE of that big target, at short range. Which means it would have to be considerably larger than the target, for that to be a kill.

    Second, for something that large, your makeshift "bow" doesn't have the power to penetrate enough.

    A far better use of the materials would have been to just to use the tubing to make a slingshot. Better accuracy with practice, rocks for ammo are everywhere, and you can actually kill yourself a rabbit.

  2. Attaching arrow heads with wire? and spear heads with hose clamps? Apparently this guy has never heard of pine pitch as a glue and sealer with paracord inner strands or even better, with what the indians used is sinew. You can also buy synthetic sinew at Hobby Lobby which would take up far less room and it can also be used to make bow string as well as attaching arrow and spear heads. My preference for making bow string in the field is 950 lb strong "Technora 950 Survival Cord". It has very little stretch unlike paracord and one guy in the review section at Amazon said they used it successfully for a steel crossbow made from a trailer leaf spring.

  3. I would include a few X-acto blades to use for arrow tips. Also about a half dozen pieces of coat hanger wire. You can use the hose clamp to hold them to the end of a stick for an improvised spear. In addition, a sling is easy to make, light-weight and doesn't take up much space.

  4. throw in a few small "Jig Saw Blades" good for cutting thin metal, wood, whatever… so if you ever lose your Wrench – Knife tool etc.,  everything in one (box) kinda of thing. Also, some Monofilament 20 test line 30ft. ….. small good for numerous things!

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