How To Shoot A Bow Ishi Style

In this video Mark Swanson demonstrates how to shoot a bow Ishi style. This is the most accurate and extensive video on YouTube when it comes to Ishi style shooting. Sorry for the loud background noise!

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14 thoughts on “How To Shoot A Bow Ishi Style

  1. Great video guys, thanks ! This way of shooting allows you to line up the target and the arrow ( point and nock ) on the Same plane with your peripheral vision, while keeping the target in main sight !

  2. Obviously you guys have done way more research than me. Just thinking Ishi and the other California tribes you mentioned. Were people much smaller in stature. Mark looks like a much taller person. Wouldn't a longer draw and bow built for that. Give a more accurate example of how Ishi's and these other native American's form actually was?

    Great video thanx for sharing!!

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