Just How Great Drummers Play the Hey There Hat – Left Foot S…

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Mark Guiliana – https://www.instagram.com/markguiliana/.

Raghav Mahrotra – https://www.instagram.com/raghavdrummer/.

Larnell Lewis – https://www.instagram.com/larnelllewismusic/.

Dana Hawkins – https://www.instagram.com/danajhawkins/.

The left foot resembles the red-headed step-child of drumming.

Unless you’ve researched jazz, the hi hat stays a daunting and also strange animal. It’s constantly there, as well as you recognize exactly how to use top of it, yet whenever you’re doing another thing with the lead hand, you sort of neglect it.

Entirely neglecting the hats is most likely much better than what a few other do – play it out of time, and/or entirely unmusically.

As my good friend Jordan when informed me “you never ever * have * to play anything with the left foot”.

That develops an “extraordinary valley” in between absolutely nothing and also something great.

My objective in this video clip is to shepherd you via that valley as swiftly as feasible, so you can some out on the various other end seeming a lot more like a “professional”.

Exactly how are we expected to obtain there?

View fantastic drummers like Guiliana or Larnell, as well as their hat positionings are mystical.

Suppose you had a resource code for getting in these men’ heads?

I can not completely inform you what Mark, or Larnell, or rising star Rhagav Mehrotra are really feeling or believing, yet I can obtain you to something near what they * play *.

Take my hand, as well as jump with me off the step.

Due to the fact that beyond is hi hat happiness.