Homeless shepherd shares hunter-gatherer diet plan & & s…

For greater than a years, Aaron Fletcher has actually lived as a nomadic guard, mainly out of a micro-camper drawn by his lamb. He sustains himself as a travelling farmhand with job trading, bartering his lamb’s milk for food as well as products. He additionally skill-shares for food, “consisting of woollen felting, woollen rotating, cheesemaking, survival, bushcraft, and so on”.

He considers himself a herder-gatherer and also his diet plan contains a great deal of milk and also cheese (thanks to his lamb), in addition to foraged foods (wild environment-friendlies, seeds, and also active ingredients to make his very own tooth paste) and also some traded meat, potatoes, and also citrus (specifically after discovering he lacked Vitamin C).

He’s stayed in homes and also traditional residences, as well as he will buy a residence prior to choosing to go nomadic a loads years earlier. He currently lives all year, also throughout the snowy Oregon winter months, in his little lamb cart that is fitted out with a bed, folding table, solar fridge freezer, wood-burning cooktop, as well as solar stove.

He specifies himself as “homefree” or “the reverse of being homeless … it’s additionally the reverse of being housed, it’s like the 3rd side of a coin. There have actually constantly been the riches, and also the have-nots (ownerships), yet homefree implies being a have-not-want”. Fletcher sees his sheep-pulled as the ideal-sized house: even more complete than living off pack boxes, yet much less messy than a typical residence.

Aaron’s YouTube network: https://www.youtube.com/user/123Homefree.
Blog site: https://123homefree.org/about/.

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