Fallout 4 – No Weapons/No Armour – New Survival – Part 1: An Even Rougher Start

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Hello everyone,

Today we’re starting a playthrough of the new Survival mode for Fallout 4 without weapons or armour.

The Survival mode brings a lot of new challenges with it including: No Fast Travel, more damage taken and given, eating, drinking and sleeping required, only being able to save when sleeping, and a lot of other smaller changes aswell.

So I have decided to challenge myself by going through the game without weapons and/or armour. I’ve already done this part before, however my previous save files were gone so I had to restart it.

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42 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – No Weapons/No Armour – New Survival – Part 1: An Even Rougher Start

  1. You should find army fatigues they differ from military fatigues, army fatigues boost your strength by one and I think charisma plus it doesn't have any damage resistance. Military fatigues give you damage resistance

  2. Finally someone who really knows Fallout 4 and not another noobtuber.
    You use an interesting strategy, which is not mine, but that makes it even more entertaining.
    Thanks for your playthrough!

  3. Loving the series, want to attempt this for my next run (although not survival, I die plenty enough on normal). What SPECIAL did you start with, and what do you recommend for the most important perks?

  4. This looks like a cool series, did you have any issues with V.A.T.S freezing/crashing your game? I did a full playthrough on survival without really using V.A.T.S (spray and pray is OP) without any issues. Just started a playthrough using a V.A.T.S build and the game freezes all the time and you lose a bunch of progress, very annoying.

  5. Seeing as it's been nearly two months, new death guesses won't be counted. Seeing as it'd be unfair to the other ones because they couldn't see how many times I've already died in the subsequent parts.

  6. Can't wait for the next episodes! Just watched the old survival version, you've gained yourself a subscriber my friend

    Deaths- 160

    Also, be on the look out. In the mirror in the overseers bathroom is stimpacks and Bobby pins
    There's a ton of food on the way to sanctuar, if you take the long path

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