Fallout 4 NEW Legendary Weapons Farm Spot. Lvl 50+ and Survival mode to work.

Hey Guys,
So me and a few friends spent hours testing this spot out, and 3 out of 5 of us, all had 2 legendary enemies inside the building, not activated, every time. The other 2 guys only had one. But its an easy kill! Shoot the Sentry bot with 1 bullet and BAM!!!
Sadly we are all above level 50, so I cannot guarantee this spot works under level 50, So id appreciate if you guys let me know if it works!


43 thoughts on “Fallout 4 NEW Legendary Weapons Farm Spot. Lvl 50+ and Survival mode to work.

  1. All I can say is Thanks Mate, after doing this for 4 and a half hours, I now have a Two shot assuilt Rifle which I`ve been after for over a month now. I`m playing on xbox and level 120

  2. Best place to farm: Croup Manor
    1) Get basement key (or pick lock) from the top floor in the drawer.
    2) Go to the basement door and quicksave.
    3) Kill the legendary ghoul, He spawns about 90% of the time, Leave at least one ghoul alive so you don't clear the location.
    4) Profit $$$$

    Good Luck Everyone!

  3. Getting legendary bots to spawn there isn't a problem for me. The problem is that they always drop the exact same legendary when I load the autosave. I don't just get the same weapon type, I get the same legendary mod also.

  4. Awesome! Gonna try it out right away.

    Another great spot to do this is the Old Gullet Sinkhole. Quicksave before going down the drain.
    There are 3 Radroaches and 3 Ferals up ahead, potentially 2 Legendaries in one location.

  5. Haven't read any comments, but tried this at level 49, six times, and neither robot was legendary. So seems you have to be 50. Look forward to trying again here soon. Thanks for the upload!

  6. It does work at level 50 first time visit ( not sure about revisits as the Game is weird about them ), however the Sentrybot doesn't seem to drop higher level weapons ( Gauss rifles, Gatling lasers ) unfortunately.

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