Fallout 4 Far Harbor – No Weapons/No Armour – New Survival – Part 1: Where You Belong

Hello everyone,

We continue on with Fallout 4 No Weapons/Armor on the new Survival difficulty. In this part we start the second DLC of the game: Fallout 4 Far Harbor. To start off, we go to the Nakano Residence to figure out the whereabouts of a lost woman.

The Survival mode brings a lot of new challenges with it including: No Fast Travel, more damage taken and given, eating, drinking and sleeping required, only being able to save when sleeping, and a lot of other smaller changes aswell.

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12 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Far Harbor – No Weapons/No Armour – New Survival – Part 1: Where You Belong

  1. Just found video by random since i subbed you a week ago
    I did uploaded a series on Far Harbor New game Lv 1 straight into it Survival
    But is more about a Hunter build, Not about a crazy Soldier obsessed by bare fisting the shit out of Everything XD =)
    But still, is a crazy challenge run especially when you walk in there at Lv 1, No weapons & Enemies are so Empowered
    My playlist is there if you ever feel like watching other players man
    You's a good 1, truly respect the challenge Nature of this series

  2. The "are you a synth" conversation is just lazy writing, I'm afraid. Your character directly contradicts that being your "first memory" with various conversations in the game. When you talk to Kent Connoly, one of the dialogue options you can select has your character talking about how they used to listen to the Silver Shroud radio program all the time growing up. There are others that I can't remember right now, but yeah.

  3. You are much better at this game with no weapons and armour than I am with weapons and armor! 😛

    Looking forward to the next video, they've all been fantastic so far!

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