Extreme Winter Survival Vehicle Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: Extreme Winter Survival Vehicle Kit. We’re putting together the items that can give you a fighting chance against Old Man Winter. Inspired by the Story of the family in NW Nevada who in 2014, was stranded in their vehicle for 48 hours in -21 degree temps and their story of survival.

Tinder Torch review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7xrCYUYEFQ&t=2s

Olight M1X Striker Flashlight: http://goinggear.com/olight-m1x-striker-1x-18650-2x-cr123a-1000-lumens-dual-switch-cree-xm-l2-led-flashlight.html

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20 thoughts on “Extreme Winter Survival Vehicle Kit

  1. …two big trash bags inside each other can make an improvised sleeping bag with "stuff" like balled up newspaper, cattails, leaves, moss, etc. stuffed between the two layers..I'm starting to carry my extra NcStar green laser in the pack.

  2. I add a scarf, handkerchief, 36 hour candle, small Gerber Mini-Tool, small first aid kit, black trash bag (55 gallon/3 or 4 mil), and a cheap Frog-Togg rain jacket. I would also include a PowerFlare electronic Road Flare.

  3. This is not winter specific, but I think it is a great idea to have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. This could save your life or you could save another person's life if you drive by an accident.

  4. maybe learn how to get gas from the fuel rail? some fuel rails dont require any tools. that might save your life being able to start a fire by getting a cup of gas

  5. Great video. Any thoughts on other videos, like broke down while crossing thru a desert, swampy area, etc? I assume some items would be the same, but others would vary given the environment.

  6. I spent more winters than I liked working up in Northern Alberta in the Oil Fields. One thing I learned, and I still keep a pair of them in my emergency kit in my truck are some heavy duty, extreme cold rated HH long johns. If I got stuck, those would be the first things I'd throw on before I lost my heat from the vehicle. They are expensive, but nothing compares to them for keeping your core warm. Plus they wick away any sweat, and I got the 1 piece that leaves no holes for heat to escape. I've been stuck in the cold a few times. And they saved my butt, as well as a lil propane heater I got under my seat. Just don't have the small bottles hooked up while driving,lol. As well as I got a trappers hat, and some serious Arctic mittens In my bag I keep behind the crew cab seat with flares, and first aid, knife fire kit. Driving out on grid roads in -30/40c you just can't take chances.

  7. the heated stone strategy is good to
    comit to memory, but what are reasonable idea for a safe source of heat to be used in the vehicles without using the actual car heater? anything that can be diy or improvised ahead of time, and ideally not dependant on a specialized fuel. carbon monoxide is a huge risk with any small inclosed space, so what are the options?

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