EDC Gear 2019 // Appendix Carry Edition

Let’s look at the New EDC Gear 2019. Specifically let’s go over what makes an Appendix Carry holster Comfortable & Concealable.
We’re also going to cover EDC Flashlights, Weapon Lights, Pocket Knives, & EDC Belts.

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40 thoughts on “EDC Gear 2019 // Appendix Carry Edition

  1. These are all badass!!! However the chances you’ll ever have to use your weapon in self defense are slim, to many guns to master 1,
    I see a women’s closet full of heels- a good quality gun goes bang and that works-

    I bought 1 gun 1 rifle for myself and wife and train train train— members at range and send thousands down range stand still and moving courses-I see your love for guns and that’s great- videos like this can lead ppl think they need all the bells – just need a good self defense carry/home defense and TRAIN LIKE CRAZY 😜 – keep it up just be cool letting ppl know they don’t need all this, that the money can be used on ammo and training

  2. Great video man. Keep up the good work. One pet peeve I have though. Don’t call a magazine a clip. Clips are used in certain rifles like the M1 Garand. Not handguns. 👍

  3. Appendix carry is fantastic if you spend your entire day standing in front of a camera making a video about appendix carry. However, if you have to walk fast, sit down, get in and out of an automobile, crouch down or do anything outside of standing completely still and upright….. you will quickly find out the MANY disadvantages of appendix carry.
    Nice video as always.

  4. 😑… the gun guy called a mag a clip, how ironic. All of ur guns and holsters look amazing and honestly i would love to go to the links and get what i want but im only turning 15 this year, kinda sad. Cant wait for my 21 first bday🔫. U make good vids, keep up the good work☺️

  5. I am new to your channel. This video was fantastic and very thorough. So well done. Thank you for the plethora of information. Super nice gear. Looking fwd to more. Thank you. Stay safe!

  6. hey, you mentioned about the link to gunstreamer. i've been using youtube's notifications to come here, where i click on the youtube "like" just to show youtube that there's interest in this stuff (as well as to keep your youtube stats high). then i click on your gunstreamer/full30 link to watch your vid there.

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