DIY: My LifeStraw Bugout/ Survival Kit

This is one of my Favorite DIY Projects! It is fun & simple for you & your family to follow along and learn!

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Pick up Fishing/Hunting BOSS Kit Here: $19.99

Pick Up Fire BOSS Kit Here: $19.99

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Life Straw Water Filter: $15

Assorted Pack of Ranger Bands:

High Grade Suunto Clip Compass:

Budget Clip Compass:

Atwood 550 Paracord:

550 Fire Cord 25ft

US Made P38 and P51 Can Openers:

Yellow Kevlar Ultility Thread 25ft:

Black Kevlar Utility Thread 25ft:

Flint Laces: Ferro ShoeLaces:

Covert HandCuff Key:

Mini Scalpel Blades 2 pack:

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