Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, blizzards, terrorism … no matter where one lives, no one is immune from a potential natural or man-made disaster disrupting our lives. Most of us have probably given very little thought to what we might do if displaced by a disaster, and even less to what we would do with our pets. Dr. Heather Case, director of the Scientific Activities Division at the American Veterinary Medical Association, talks about incorporating pets into a disaster preparedness plan.


One thought on “Disaster Preparedness and Pets”

  1. in a disaster situation where chaos is present… those animals people left behind to fend for themselves and wander wild…are gonna become my dinner..That horse may become my transportation, or resources for glue and I say let them wander free.Heck.. I have a 24 quart pressure canner…I say start canning…lol

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