DHS emergency / disaster preparedness kit review

got my hands on a emergency preparedness disaster kit that was given to his department as part of a training exercise. I open the contents and review the kit and look at the items, as well as ways to improve the usefullness of the kit. Lots of good items you can use in both an urban and wilderness survival situation.


18 thoughts on “DHS emergency / disaster preparedness kit review

  1. Starting to really think about preparing for emergencies. I live in the UK so we don't ever have to face tornadoes or hurricanes, and I live up north in Scotland so we don't have floods either (only lower parts of England have severe flooding)
    My main focus will be on preparing for extreme winter weather. Every year, even if only for two days and up to a week or more (potentially) we get snowed in. Power outages happen every year. We live in the middle of nowhere, we are more than an hours walking distance from shops, and when we are snowed in we can't use our car. Any suggestions for how we can prepare this year? (Other than the obvious stuff like torches?) this year we have been told to expect a very tough winter.

  2. Ty for sharing this kit with us.
    The headphones could be broken open to use the magnet to make a compass since there isn't one inside… 10:37 this could be used to store water tablets , matches , cotton and p.jelly 13:35 good to reinforce the corners on the mylar space blanket . This flashlight could be used for creating a solar fire. ( is this flashlight even LED btw?) This basic setup would be go from ok to good if mora knife, metal container, lighter and some paracord were added.

  3. This is for one person.  To be realistic, people with families need to get on the ball and think about the needs of each individual in the family.  People with infants and small children really need to prepare in place if at all possible.  Everybody is talking about bugging out and the emphasis always seems to be on one person.  If ones home is not destroyed in a disaster, it would be prudent to stay put.

  4. There's some thoughtful items in there that I haven't thought about. (paper and pen)  Every thing is light weigh making it easy to transport.  The kit would get us through the shock period then we can think for ourselves.  I'm impressed that government employees agreed long enough to put this lit together.

  5. I would not be surprised if DHS paid north of $500. for those kits. DHS has mega bucks and isn't afraid to waste it.  As a matter of fact they have to waste it or they don't get as much funding for the next fy.  Sad, but true.

  6. It's a good "better than nothing kit." Someone who like the utility of this could easily emulate it with the cat litter bucket. Choosing your own components will allow you get much better gear as you mentioned. And addition to knives and fire starting implements I would add a boiling pot. 

  7. I wonder how much of our tax dollars the government paid for this kit?  The items look very cheap to say the least and most of it is made in China. You would think they would try to purchase Made in USA.

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