Days Gone Best Weapons YOU WANT TO GET EARLY (Days Gone Tips And Tricks)

Days Gone Best Weapons & days gone tips and tricks for days gone weapons (days gone tricks – days gone best guns – days gone ps4)
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33 thoughts on “Days Gone Best Weapons YOU WANT TO GET EARLY (Days Gone Tips And Tricks)

  1. Mmm i just got this game and all i can say is it could have been a awesome game but! Its not 🙁 theres no story to it really like the last of us had a great beginning how everything started, and the actual gameplay is trash sorry but red dead redemption 2 is alot more fun than this this game feels like far cry and last of us story and read dead gameplay put together like if it would actually be fun to play but its not!

  2. Great game, great video! I'm an older gamer (as in age, not XP), and I find getting my bearings with the controls of this game a very steep learning curve for me. But I'm totally enjoying the story and the missions. Scary stuff! I wish riding the bike was easier. I keep running into stuff all the time, especially when I encounter a horde on my route and it freaks me out! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Only in a world where the developers don't know shit about guns is a .22 rifle a better option than an AK-47 chambered in 7.62×39…'s hard not to get irked by this.

  4. I have not come across one bug, also frame rate has been better since one of these update can't remember which one. Also this has to be one of the best looking games for this generation, looks amazing on my 4k tv.

  5. It’s not a bad game but there are details that are just lacking so much. such as the combat, whether shooting or melee it’s so bland and boring for a zombie game I can’t take it. I mean come on it’s sooo boringly bland where’s the creativity and gore that other zombie games have ? I don’t even want to talk about the motorcycle controls and the loot system. I hope this game gets better because the story is good but the playable material is garbage !

  6. Days Gone is clearly designed to appease fans of AMC's The Walking Dead or Spike's Sons of Anarchy. The mood is dark, gloomy, and appropriately lonely. Whether gamers realize it or not, this is the "Zombie game" that players have been waiting for as a counter-balance to Capcom's Dead Rising.
    Bend Studios should be applauded. Days Gone is a timeless game indeed . . .

  7. I guess people thought the game was gonna be like last of us or something and it wasnt so they complain. It's not great, the bike handles kind of weird sometimes, enemies pop in out of no where like in one ambush camp I literally saw an enemy pop out of thin air and drop to the ground shooting. Another time by the cemetary there was a horde, I did a 360 and the horde was gone. Other than those little grievances the story and gameplay is pretty cool. I've been playing for weeks now every night when I get home from work

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