Compact Survival Kit Pt. 1

Lets take a look at my “belt style” survival kit. This kit will help me to provide myself with the basic survival needs of Fire, Shelter, Water, and Food. It is compact and fairly lightweight. When I am not wearing it, it rides in my survival backpack. This is part 1.


29 thoughts on “Compact Survival Kit Pt. 1

  1. The fire kit I'm using: two lighters and several pieces of rubber, cut from an old bike tube. Rubber will burn even when wet, lighter dry quickly by blowing air on it with your mouth. Much better than any tinder, IMHO.

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  3. Good basic kit. Nice bag. Agree with a neck blade. I myself try to duplicate where possible, so every bag for situations, can let me adapt, with the least amount of stress.

  4. couple quick things…they way you have your para cord you can carry a couple more hanks in the outer molle webbing and also use that tin foil as a heat reflector to help keep you warm

  5. Foil burns, if you buy cheap foil. His coffee filter is in a ziplock capable of holding water. This kit is great. Instead of a bag, im using a vest. Its similar to a load bearing vest. Six pockets. And plenty of places for mods. Im switching the battery flashlight for a shake light. I've dipped the light in some tool handle dip grip. You should add a small bottle of multivitamins and some b12. Good kit, thanx for inspiring.

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