Call for Code: How 22M Developers Take on Disaster Preparedness

In this on-demand webcast, representatives from IBM, the Linux Foundation, the UN Office of Human Rights, and the American Red Cross all joined together with host Mary Glackin, SVP of Science & Forecast at The Weather Company, to share their thoughts and experiences about the pressing need to truly make an important difference when natural disaster strikes. Learn more about the Call for Code here:


1 thought on “Call for Code: How 22M Developers Take on Disaster Preparedness

  1. I want to learn more about watson but i need like the jepordy version i need him to understand and repsond to what i want ot use him for, if I have clients like doctors i need to teach him what medicine and patients are, ect. This shouldnt take coding the chat bot and all these things slowly there has to be a way to talk to it like SIRI and have it write the code behind the scenes, esp the documention the math gets a big hard but if you show me hadrons and puzzle pieces i can put them on a board but there was never a bottom row in the only youtube video i saw they had a different set of tools to choose from ive called IBM everyday. Disconnect every time 🙁 just by accient never a call back

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