Pocket chain saws are a great addition to a survival kit. In this video we take a look at how well three different survival chain saws perform. You may be as surprised at the results as I was.

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24 thoughts on “Best Survival Kit Saw – Pocket Chain Saw Comparison”

  1. Try them on a solid mounted log that doesn't move, you will see a big difference . The chainsaw teeth are more aggressive and tend to grab more and bind on a moving tree branch !!!

  2. Using a real chainsaw blade like that seems impractical because the blades are spaced further and are meant for high speeds as compared to the other one where slower cutting grabs more material

  3. Another cool vid review … i have seen them contraptions around for years., your id showed me what i supposed … (allot work compared to a saw) ??? the new design looks like it did much better… but ill take a saw and a axe any day buddy !! peace

  4. i have always been a sceptic when it comes to these saws. i have come to learn 2 things about them that affect performance. the amount of cutting teeth and if the saw cuts on both pulls, ie. if it is sharp on both forward and back sweeps. I just bought my first one, it is a Canadian Shield Camping pocket saw, it has a cutting edge on each link vs. some that re like every third link, and also has both sides sharp so it cuts on both pulls instead of only one way. I can tell you this it better cut like a champ or it will not be coming on any trips with me. i feel like for the work and time, you could just use a silky or bow saw and not work so hard and work faster.

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