Batman Begins and The Dark Knight-Weapons

Scenes from the the movies of Batman Begins and Dark Knight about Batman’s weapons


38 thoughts on “Batman Begins and The Dark Knight-Weapons

  1. Bruce: What's that?
    Lucius: The *Tumbler*. Oh… you wouldn't be interested in that.
    Bruce: A tumbler … with an ejector seat? You must be joking.
    Lucius: I never joke about my work double 0— errr — Mr. Wayne.

  2. DC crushed it with the Nolan Batman movies….Wonder Woman is the closest they have come since. They need to give up on doing an expanded universe like Marvel, and stick to combining great directors with blockbuster main casting like Ledger, Bale, Gadot, and excellent supporting cast. Stop trying to copy Marvel and get back to doing this!

  3. im pretty sure the engineers who designed the bridging vehicle would recognize that the bat mobile is actually just their work sprayed with black paint lol. In other words, they would know batman is related to wayne industries in some way. Just some food for thought 🙂

  4. I always loved how they portrayed the fun friendship with Lucius and Bruce, fox going along with Bruce’s fun lies for the gadgets and so on, how they are basically saying “I obviously know what you’re doing but if we don’t say it out loud then as far as anyone else is concerned I don’t know! “

  5. 300 grand for something that won't stop a bullet vs 2 grand for a full set of Interceptor Class IV bodyarmor that'll stop everything but a machinegun round.. yeah, the army was wise to pass on the 'batsuit'.

  6. Oooooooo no …Tony Coldesina or Kleit McKnights voice over … The Dark Knight … The Prince of Darkness …!!!! Well… there goes Christian Bale ….!!!! Out the window ..!!!

  7. If Fox is this great genius why did he stay at Wayne Enterprise?
    I'm sure he could have got a high powered position at any other company.
    Put Wayne Enterprise into bankruptcy so that he can buy it and restore it himself.
    I know it's a movie but it always bugged me that they never gave a reason for why he would stay.
    And the idea that he was there to ensure the company stayed true to the vision of Bruce's father makes no sense cause he has no real power working in the basement.

  8. It's amazing how many great lines Freeman got in these movies. The stuff here is top notch, as is his line from Dark Knight "and your plan is to blackmail this person?"

  9. This Bruce Wayne didn‘t design his tech. He merely took everything from someone else. He should be more like Tony Stark. That would make much more sense when he uses these freely out in the public and nobody knew who he was because he developed them himself in secret!

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