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  1. I dont hunt personally , but have friends that do. Carrying some form of survival gear like metal bottle, lighter, a cutting tool, headlamp and contractor bag can give one a better chance if things like weather change for the worst. As a side note, letting people know that you going to be out in "XYZ" area and returning around this time is important too.

  2. Great tips, as usual. I think hunters get a false sense of security when hunting with another person, and the fact that they have a gun. I know hunters who only carry matches for fire starting, and have never actually started a fire in the woods.

  3. Great up load good things to start with that whistle was awesome and very loud that thing is worth it's weight in gold I think some thing I would add is 6mill plastic 8×8 piece would be great my opinion reason not so easy to get holes like that other thank you for the work you do to bring us these great vids God bless you and yours. Brother. Dan in ohio

  4. I'll be hunting this year with a new Multicam Pack, but will make an orange polar fleece cover in the shape of a bag so it could be used as a pillow or be able to carry stuff.I always include a metal pot, canteen cup to heat water in. People often don't get the value of a whistle. We've never found a lost or hurt person chirping on a whistle at 0300, where we could have made contact much earlier. In addition I always carry a 10' x 10' tarp = 1.5lb. Cheers.

  5. Very good advice Wayne, always be prepared, I pretty much carry the same stuff as you do but I also carry a SS water bottle full of water with a SS nesting cup, a few packs of single serve instant coffee, hot chocolate, Liptons instant soup packs, and three to four 2.0 MIL 55 gallon black contractor bags ( on the bag it says they are 3 ft. X 4 ft. 10 inch (91.4 cm x 1.47 m ) ) to use to put leaves or grass in for a mattress to elevate myself off of the ground because the area I'm in there is not alot of evergreen boughs to use for bedding so the bags work great for this and they take up very little room in a pack or pants pocket . Wayne, I enjoyed another one of your very informative videos keep um coming brother ! ATB ,Stay safe and take care my friend !

  6. Good video, but here's a tip for you, go to the fabric store and buy about half a metre of bright hunter orange fabric and drape it and pin it in place over your pack or whatever bag your are going to carry, it add more safety to your kit and doesn't add much weight. Also make sure to carry some cordage if you have to build a shelter

  7. Nice! But as you have shown us before, carrying Survival Gear into the Woods doesn't have to be a lot. It just has to be on you. And no matter what I'm doing out in Woods, I'm not leaving Survival Gear behind. Thanks again and Take Care.

  8. Very nice Hunter's Survival Kit! It's always nice to have the basics for surviving. Especially, if you have to spend the night. Having a first aid kit should always be taken when someone is hunting. There are plenty of accidents that can happen out there. Something you could add in there is a bandana. As they can help to clean your hands, wipe sweat, use as a bandage, clean your firearm, and much more. Thanks for the video!

  9. A very good video. May I suggest adding a Nalgene canteen and an Olicup. You have to make hydration easy or you will get dehydrated. At night you can heat up water in the Olicup and put it into the canteen and then use the canteen as a hot water bottle. That trick has helped me get sleep when it is very cold. I also include 2 packets of instant oatmeal and 2 packets of hot cocoa mix. One or 2 tealight candles can be very helpful too. Good Luck

  10. Great video I can't express enough the importance of such kits I was one of those that scoffed at such things until the day I was disoriented. I made it out just as darkness fell but it would of been a miserable night with freezing rain,snow maybe even fatal .After that I learned what I could on survival and kits we didn't have the internet back then either so it was books or learning from others . Small kits weigh far less than your life so get one.

  11. It's amazing how many hunters don't take some sort of Survival kit. They always say ''That won't ever happen to me'' It's not a mater of if, but when.. There was a hunter up here in the YK about 2 months ago he was up in a remote region, hunting for ELK. He ended up falling into a bog and conditions were already bad. And then a snow storm hit, they found him 3 days later frozen solid. Cause of death was hypothermia… Crazy to think but you can die from Hypothermia even in the dead of summer… Thanks for the vid Wayne ATB from the Yellowknife

  12. Excellent gear list Kull. That Four Direction Bushcraft Extreme Weather Firestarter Tool is one of the best fire starting tools I've ever owned. Ferro rod, magnesium rod, fatwood and mine came with some cordage , a snap link, and a scraper. For $20 , hard to beat

  13. Love the vid. I have a pretty good pack. But im going to look into a little pack like yours for a back up. You are one person i would want on my team if crap went south. Keep the vids coming brother.

  14. Nice. I have a medium sized pack and use a lumbar pack for lighter hunts. All have kits in them, inlcuding my field dressing kit. I think a bottle of water and snack are the most important on a day hunt. Both will keep your wits on point and contribute to keeping you aware a lot more than people know. When you're distracted by hunger or thirst, that's when bad choices are made.

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