Adam Ticknor – Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Class @ the Hub (1 of 8)

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What will you do if you are on the freeway while your kid is at school and there is a major earthquake or disaster?

Are you ready and do you have the mindset, skillset and/or drive to make good decisions and help yourself, family and friends stay safe and alive in times of emergency? Do you have the basic tools and supplies that are required to survive such an event?

This online course sheds some light on what to do, and more importantly why, in case of emergency. He will be going over a checklist of priorities and procedures and also handing out a list of basic supplies that are a good idea to keep handy in your car and in your home.

Adam Ticknor, a former United States Reconnaissance Marine, has extensive training in emergency and wilderness survival and self-reliance. He takes every step in life ready for the unexpected and has a passion for sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help others to do the same.