June 6, 2020

How to Survive

Best Tips, Gears, Resources to make you a Survivor

7 Survival Kit in 5 Minutes | DIY Projects | Simple survival kits

In this video, you will see survival kits for the lottery. 7 survival kit for 5 minutes. A quick but effective video. I teach to make a simple survival kit.

The project is very simple. This product is hanging in your bag, you can use when necessary. Initial levels of a survival kit. Making easy and cheap, but save your life.
Kit contents:
1. Plastic sample bottle.
2- fluorescent dye
3- Charcloth
4- Scalpel
5. Pen
6. Fish hook
7- Flint
8- 5 meters Fishing line
9- Paper
10- Band-Aid.
11- alcohol wipes.
12- Lead weight
13- 2 meter rope