1st Raid In 1.9.4! (Best Weapons Room Ever?) Last Day On Earth Survival

In this video i will show you my First Raid in 1.9.4 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game.
Base Name : Vexus

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44 thoughts on “1st Raid In 1.9.4! (Best Weapons Room Ever?) Last Day On Earth Survival

  1. Hey i have one question
    1.Why The raider is not spawn at my base (i had activate the radio i search its nothing just a bunker code and yes that plan is work as you know cac card a s not on corpse but its on a chest in green zone) is it hard to find raider in radio?

  2. DO i need chopper to take raider quest to raid? Also how the hell do people get silencer gun so easy. None of my gun is. Red box rarely mod me with silencer.

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