$10 Dollar Store Survival Kit Challenge

Here we are doing the $10 survival kit challenge that was started by Wranglerstar the video link will be listed below
but i hope i have some different ideas that might help.

Wranglerstar Video Challenge

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25 thoughts on “$10 Dollar Store Survival Kit Challenge

  1. I love your chooses and overall you did a better job than others like i didn’t even know they had the stove and usually people use lighters not matches 👍👌🏻

  2. You did well with your selection of items. You're lucky, you can do it for only $10 in the US, but it 's impossible to do it for that little money here in Australia. Today, March 23rd 2018 $US10 = $AU12.94, & for that we'd be lucky to buy maybe half of the items you did. That 6 pack of water you got for $1 for instance. Each of those bottles that size would cost us over $AU1.00. A similar knife would be at least $AU3.00, the pan we might be able to get for $AU2.00 if we were lucky. Forget the plastic bags for a dollar, they are more like $AU4.00 or more here. Also, I'm disadvantaged in where I live. I'm out in what you would probably call the boondocks, in a small town of less than 1000 people & over 1 hours drive from a regional city of about 111,000 people. By the way, the prices I mentioned above are from a "Dollar Store type shop" but no where near as cheap, in that city which is cheaper than the town where I live.

  3. The thing is that if I were putting together a survival kit in order to actually survive, I wouldn't be thinking about buying the cheapest crap I could find.

  4. Good video but you need to double check your volume next time. The trash bag idea is a good idea but the visibility factor is a major thing when you are in trouble. as for cooking in the can, I think with all the chemicals and junk we eat everyday, we would survive a couple of days of eating or drinking out of that can. I'd rather use it to sterilize water to drink than die of dehydration. and that is a LOT of stuff to haul around.

  5. good video. but I wood realy like to see you do a 24 overniter just with what you got. everbody wants to do the challenge but I wonder how well all the items you got wood perform in the woods.

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